Sunday, August 06, 2006

Welcome To The Anecdotal Antidote

I had an idea for a team blog back in March. I wanted something that read more like a magazine, with feature articles. There are some great writers out there, and my vision was to bring some of them together to write about life in the 21st Century. The original concept was to stay away from controversial subjects, but as the idea evolved I decided to leave the content up to the authors, asking only that we keep the level of discourse high.

I handpicked the authors myself and was very fortunate that none of them turned me down. Some will no doubt be more prolific than others, but my hope is that we will hear from everyone at least twice per month. Please bear with us – I expect a slow start but my hope is that before too long The Anecdotal Antidote will be a place where people will come to read and enjoy some good old-fashioned writing.


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