Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Absence of Evidence Is Evidence of Absence

By Neddie Jingo

You can see the wires, fer crissakes! I see a boom mike!

From the Grassy Knoll Desk here in beautiful Area 51 comes the reassuring news that NASA has "lost" the high-resolution video tapes taken of the first moon landing, which is alleged to have taken place in July of 1969 but, as every paranoid with two brains to rub together knows, were recorded on a sound-stage on good ol' Terra Firma by Stanley Kubrick, Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld.

My favorite part of the Independent article linked above is this priceless line: "[NASA] insist it is wrong to characterise the tapes as "missing". "They're not missing," Mr Lebar said, "we just haven't found them."
"We just haven't found them,"
The NASA man said
Setting bells of alarm
In this paranoid's head.

If absence of evidence
Is evidence missed
Ain't this proof that the evi-
Dence didn't exist?

"Call out a search party!
Unleash the hounds!"
While walking on thin evi-
Dentiary ground.

Call me a paranoid
Heck, I don't mind
I like it out here
Among my own kind!

Rational evidence:
Tools of a jerk!
Defending rank foolishness:
Mighty hard work!

How much simpler it is
In "delusion" employed!
They "lost" the tapes --
And I'm paranoid?
These people should be shot.


Blogger Kevin Wolf said...

A guilty pleasure of mine is the movie Capricorn One, about a faked Mars landing. Lots of fun and a killer Jerry Goldsmith score.

Plus it's based on real events. I swear.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006  

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